sleep-deprivedHow you sleeping these days? Has the world’s restless state left you sleep-deprived? COVID outbreaks. Riot upsurges. China-U.S. wranglings. Stock market yo-yoing. I might have a restful cure for you.

A few years ago while on vacation in the central mountains of Colorado, my friend and I drove to Boreas Pass along the Continental Divide. She snapped this photo of freshly sawn logs outside the Boreas Section House, built in 1881 as a lodging place for railway workers. Today the section house is a visitor center in summer and an overnight lodge for backcountry skiers in winter. (Boreas is the name of the ancient Greek god of the north wind and winter). At nearly 11,500 feet, harsh winds and heavy snows definitely call for plenty of sawn logs for winter guests.

“Sawing logs” also means to breathe heavily while sleeping. Growing up, I recall a number of times my tired dad taking a nap and qualifying as a buzz-saw snorer. His catching z-z-z-z’s, with an occasional snort in his rest, actually lulled me into a relaxed state. The sounds of my papa snoring somehow reassured me that everything was right with the world.

Wide-Awake with Gratitude

Lately, I know some of us have struggled to either fall asleep or stay asleep until morning light. Perhaps like me, you can relate to stress or worry or over-exhaustion keeping you from sawing logs or at least sawing some small branches. Being sleep-deprived is not healthy for any of us. Because of injuries from car accidents, sometimes sleep is tough for me, but often my fretting mind robs me of slumber instead of my aching body.

When I’m wide-awake in the wee hours of the night, I’ve experienced some of my most honest prayers with God. Sometimes I beg for rest and relief. Other times I whisper my gratitude until my heart is calmed and I’m lulled back to sleep.

King David certainly had his share of troublesome worries to keep him from shuteye—hit men hunting him down, fleeing to hide in caves, (let alone accumulating a number of mothers-in-law and squeezing in time to write more song lyrics.)

Putting Your Life Back Together

In the midst of his anxious days, David penned these comforting words, “At day’s end I’m ready for sound sleep, for you, God, have put my life back together (Psalm 4:8, The Message). I love that God knows just how to put our life back together so we can sleep soundly at day’s end.

I know I long for more rest and find encouragement in the advice of David’s son Solomon who wrote of the benefits of living life wisely: “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet” (Proverbs 3:24, New American Standard Bible).

So tonight, I give you permission to saw a few logs if need be. Sweet dreams. Trust that God is on watch putting your life—and our restless world—back together z after z.