5. Intentionally refresh your thinking.

My dad was consistent about one consistency. He’d come home from the gas station at noon, eat lunch, and go plop on the living room sofa for a 30-minute nap. Then he’d put in five hours more at work and often two hours in the evening at the farm hauling hay or working on the tractors. Dad knew the value of hard work and unplugging his mind.

In today’s dizzying world of a gazillion options and services and products, we all need a break from the buy this, try this, do this, be this. Whew! Just like you press the Refresh button on your computer, it helps to be purposeful about finding your own refresh methods. With all the responsibilities, projects, and choices in an ordinary day, your mind can get clogged with the debris of worry, frustration, self-doubt, discouragement, and more.

Intentionally removing mental clutter restarts your thinking, your planning, and your perspective. Giving your mind a break boosts your productivity, creativity, and success.So what does refresh look like? For me, it’s pausing to throw sticks to my dog in the back yard or going for a walk or a bike ride. Or thumbing through a favorite magazine and dreaming of how I could update my home décor or make that oh-so-delicious-looking recipe. I also refresh my thinking through prayer and ruminating on Bible passages. Other times, I just putz around the house or tend to my flowers.

And when I really want to settle myself and rejuvenate my brain and just “do nothing,” I head to the sofa and try to imitate my dad.