wise words

Many of us are fortunate to receive wise advice from our dads. Maybe not always welcomed advice at first, but nonetheless, insights that helped shape our thinking, our decisions and our day-to-day routines.

A few weeks before Father’s Day 2005, my dad and I were chatting on the phone about my plan to drive back to see him for Father’s Day. Dad was still winning at his war with metastatic prostate cancer, but his doctors noted his cancer was incurable. Of course, I wanted to spend as much time with dad as I could, especially for Father’s Day.

But I had also just started a mammoth project for a new client and my writing hours were grueling. I was torn on how to juggle my business and be with dad. When I vaguely mentioned my tight deadline to dad while trying to plan my 1,110-mile roundtrip drive to the homeland, he immediately offered his counsel. 

Brilliant Suggestion

“Well, I have an oncology appointment later in June and I know how much you like to go along and ask the doctors questions. Why don’t you wait and come back then,” Dad suggested. “Besides, with this new client you never know what this will lead to.”

Brilliant, Dad! His wise advice solved my dilemma. I could finish my lengthy project AND still spend wonderful time with my papa. Instead of driving back for Father’s Day, I made my client thrilled with my copy and then visited dad later in June.

What a memorable time with Dad! On the morning of his oncology appointment in Lincoln, we stopped in Tecumseh for his favorite donuts at Casey’s gas station. After meeting with the specialist, Dad and I enjoyed a prime rib (his fave!) late lunch at his beloved Misty’s and lingered over catching up in person and chuckling at life’s little things.

As I type this, I’m getting misty remembering our leisurely meal at Misty’s. There’s nothing like shutting the rest of the world out to enjoy being with the person who helped bring you into the world. 

Memorable Trustworthy Tips

I had no idea that six weeks later Dad would pass away after bravely battling his cancer for 12 years. I cherish that last belated Father’s Day outing, our last father-daughter donut run and lunch. My heart still warms at the sensible words Dad shared with me in June 2005. “You never know what this will lead to.”

That new client became one of my all-time best clients and we worked together for a decade. When the company was acquired by an out-of-state owner and eventually closed, I continued to work with several of the employees in a spin-off company.

Maybe you have memorable trustworthy tips from your own dad or even someone else’s dad. Here are a few common ones:

            “Give everyone a fair chance.”

            “Keep least a fourth a tank of gas in your vehicle.”

            “Learn to laugh at yourself.”

            “Do what you love.”

            “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

            “Save money, don’t just spend it.”

            “Be grateful and give thanks for what you do have.”

Sharing Poignant Pointers

How about you? What wise advice has your father or a trusted father figure shared with you? What lessons from your dad or another influential male still help you navigate well? How have pointers from your papa or another wise man kept you bending and adapting when life has dared you to break and give up? 

I’d love to know what encouragement, instruction, input and guidance your daddy or another beloved male has imparted to you. Please share in the Comments below. You never know what your sharing will lead to.