The dictionary describes a scar as a “blemish from previous injury or illness.” Most people possess at least one scar on their body (childhood boo boo, teenage sports, grownup surgery, etc.) Many also carry invisible wounds on the heart. Well, this holiday season Harry & David® pears are joining the ranks of the scarred and still valuable.


Blemishes Called Wind Scars

About a week ago I received a generous Christmas gift from dear friends—two boxes of delightful Harry & David pears. This premier food and gift company sure knows how to grow the perfect succulent pears. One of my favorite ways to enjoy pears is to combine the pear slices with goat cheese and toasted/candied pecans. Yummmmmmy!

Among all the carefully protected pears, I found the following note tucked in the shipping boxes.


Wind-Scarred Pears

Noticing unique markings on your Royal Riveria® Pears? These blemishes are
called wind scars and are the result of high winds whipping tree branches and
causing abrasions to the skin of our delicate pears. Sadly, these same winds
contributed to the spread of devastating fires in our Southern Oregon
community—destroying homes and displacing countless people.

We often pride ourselves in the beauty of our Royal Riveria® Pears, and this harvest is no
exception, if only in a different way.
These scars are a reminder of what our community
has been through and how we’ve rallied to support one another. The untouched,

juicy, delicious interior of the pear demonstrates—it’s what’s inside that counts.


It’s What’s Inside That Counts

I smile at that those last few words from Harry & David. It’s what’s inside that counts. (That’s not just wise motherly advice.) Winds may have thrashed and dashed against the tender Oregon pears this year, but the delicate fruit endured. There is more to their beauty than a few wind scars. The same is true of us.


Our scars can actually enhance our beauty inside and out. Scars can make us more real to others and more approachable. Scars can keep us humble and grateful knowing that none of us will reach full perfection this side of heaven.


Feeling a bit wind-scarred these days? I hear you. I’m bending with you against those winds. So just remember, as we wrap up this year with our 2020 nick marks, each one of our wind-scarred moments shows our beauty “in a different way.” Well said, Harry & David. And thank you for still delivering much joy to the taste buds this year.