Every woman needs good men in her life. Some of us are fortunate to have good, great, the bestest men in our lives. I am one of them. Although I do not have a husband (yet J), I am blessed to be related to or be a friend with a number of steady, salt-of-the-earth men. If you’re one of the stellar guys in my life, and you’re reading this, thank you. (If you’re a noble single man and you’re reading this, you may want to contact my dating coordinator. Just contact her at ScreenaDate.com. But, don’t blame me if this website doesn’t work, I need a tech savvy guy to set it up. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.)

Let me count the ways that men enrich women’s lives and keep us calm so we can steady on.

• You laser-focus on problems. Me? When the lawn sprinklers leak or won’t turn on at all, I fret about my grass instantly drying up to that pitiful crunchy yellow. You? You pull out the tools and that purple pipe glue and go to work.

good men• You jump at the chance to try out new gadgets. Me? Puh-lease. Don’t make me try to set up another electronic thingy. I have no interest in which yellow, red, blue, and green wire goes to what (actual photo from my sprinkler manifold). I’ll just be sure to turn off the breaker for you first.

• You remember the scores, the plays, the athletes’ home towns from decades ago. Me? I remember the day I sat on a blanket over frozen ice on a stadium seat and it took an hour-long hot bath to unthaw my tailbone.

• You speak a few reassuring words. Me? I can blab on about the situation, the obstacle, the conversations with every person that crossed my path that day. And you nod and chuckle and get back to the purple pipe glue.

Millions of Good Men

dad and stephSo here’s to the millions of good men on our planet and the incredible ones we know personally. And I give a special salute to my dad who raised the bar on how I view and value good men. Dad graduated to heaven thirteen years ago today, but his legacy of steadiness and putting up with my fumbling with electronics and sports statistics make me forever grateful that God wired us all with divine worth and unique skills. Me? I’ll stick to writing about the good men who enrich my life and keep me away from the yellow, red, blue, and green wires.