Lucy MomentsLucy Moments. We all have them. Yep. Me especially at times. My friend Terry calls Lucy Moments those situations when we goof up, forget, look a bit foolish, and just need to laugh at ourselves. These little blunder and flub experiences are based on the ditzy adventures of Lucille Ball on the I Love Lucy show. I Love Lucy is considered one of television’s most beloved shows in history.

And guess what? Last week I had the privilege of interviewing Little Ricky, the adorable drum-playing look alike to Ricky Ricardo (Lucy’s real life husband, Desi Arnaz). Little Ricky whose stage name was Richard Keith is really Keith Thibodeaux. Keith started on the show at age five and appeared in twenty-five episodes and then countless reruns.

Lucille and Desi considered Keith as their adopted son and he was a close pal with the Arnaz children. Since I enjoy watching I Love Lucy, it was such a fun privilege to talk with the former Little Ricky about his incredible days in Hollywood. I appreciate Keith’s candor on how he later sank into a near-death drug addiction, but found his way out through God’s help. You can read more about Keith’s life today here. 

A Classic Lucy Moment for Me

Now back to Lucy Moments and one of my recent ones. Oh, how we all need reminders to laugh at ourselves. So last Tuesday I attended what I thought was an online webinar led by a marketing pro. Apparently, he sent out an email packed with preparation tips in addition to the webinar link. Well, I had such a full day on Monday that I didn’t open the email until three minutes before the webinar was to start.

I quickly scanned the emails tips. Come fully prepared to participate in this Zoom presentation. Get up early. Shower, dress, and eat an energizing breakfast because we will be breaking out into small group work sessions throughout the day.

Wait! Hold it. Zoom? Shower? Small group? Work sessions! (Insert that LOUD screeching sound of a needle on a vinyl record.) This was a Zoom call with people all showered and professionally dressed for a day of on-screen interaction. (Insert that LOUD screeching sound of a needle on a vinyl record album.) Curse you, COVID, for changing online business webinars into chatty, face-to-face meetings. After reading these email instructions, I had only one minute until the “webinar” was to beginLucy moments

I bolted upstairs to brush through my bed head. No makeup—no mascara or foundation. No perky lipstick. I was wearing a well-worn hoodie with bright T-shirt underneath and exercise pants. I raced back downstairs and tried to appear nonchalant as I joined the Zoom call two minutes late. Everyone else—about twenty people from around the world—was dressed in spiffy business casual outfits and the presenter in a sports coat, tie, and fancy pocket scarf. Gulp.

Lucy, Lucy What Would You Do?

I gingerly slipped off my drab gray hoodie and tried to act “professional” until I realized that my T-shirt had a quite noticeable paint stain on the front. Lucy Moment! The whole morning felt like a Lucy Moment even as I tried not to look at my pale, without-makeup face on the screen amid all these cheery business owners from around the planet staring right back at me.

On our ten-minute morning break, I dashed back upstairs and slathered on some makeup and medium-tone lipstick. It was Lucy who said, “Use a makeup table with everything close at hand and don’t rush; otherwise you’ll look like a patchwork quilt.” Shoot. I looked like a hastily crafted patchwork quilt!

At lunch, I pulled on a cardigan that hid the paint stain. I didn’t want to completely change clothes and appear that I had NOT read the email instructions. That would have been too embarrassing. Honestly, though, my cardigan and T-shirt did not match real well. What’s a Lucy girl to do?

Oh, Lucy, Lucy. What would you do? You probably would have put your makeup on right in the middle of the “webinar” not caring a bit about everyone staring at you. I have Little Ricky’s cell number, maybe I’ll text and ask him what he thought Lucy would do. Wait. That feels like another Lucy Moment about ready to burst out.

I think I’ll just press SEND on this blog post and advise you all to keep laughing at yourself. And remind you to read those online meeting preparation emails at least ten minutes before your next “webinar” actually starts.

Keep laughing, keep bending. Lucy Moment on!

Lucille Ball Reflections

 I never tell jokes. I can tell stories that happened to me … anecdotes. But never a joke.

I’m not funny. What I am is brave.

I don’t think you should write a book until you tell the absolute truth.
You can’t do that until you’re 85, and I don’t want to live that long.