puppies curePuppies cure COVID Crud. It’s proven. My research alone proves it. Having a cute puppy in your life boosts endorphins, lowers your blood pressure and slims your waistline.

Puppies even alleviate the general malaise of too many hours in facemasks and on Zoom calls. And too many COVID-induced meals eaten at home. Puppies can reverse the negative aftereffects of the lingering coronavirus, also known as COVID Crud.

Pups Serve as a Fitness Coach

Puppies cure untold human health conditions. Really. I mean it’s a proven fact. Depression. Anxiety. Acne. I am here to tell you all about my new Miracle Cure Puppy (MCP) in a minute read or less.

Let me introduce you to this dynamic puppy wonder named Raenie, which in Scottish means “queen or a gorgeous and graceful leader.” (Collies originated in Scotland, so I chose a Scots Gaelic name). One English word describes this fluffy pup: Fearless.puppies cure

In less than 24 hours being in my home, Raenie stood at the top of my carpeted steps to my lower-level family room. She couldn’t wait for me to pick her up and carry her down the eight steps to watch the Super Bowl. Nope, she lumbered sideways on the first steps and then slide on her belly down the final section of the stairs. Get ready, cuz here I come world!

Raenie is also a fitness instructor in her own loveable way. I pick up doo and toys and I chase her in the backyard as she runs off with some piece of landscaping material in her mouth. Or a rock. Or a twig.

Thanks to this now 3-month-old pup, I’ve also strengthened my vocal cords. “No touch!” and “Good potty!” are two phrases neighbors can hear me shout out several times a day. There’s nothing like finding your parental voice through the antics of a puppy.

Pups Instill Hope

In eliminating COVID Crud from my life, Raenie has showered me with laughter, joy and fresh optimism. My 5-year-old collie, Maisie, adores her little sister too, even if Raenie has piranha teeth right now. Raenie instills hope for better tomorrows. How can you feel mopey with an energetic pup to keep you on your paws?

Because I’ve found such beneficial success through my Miracle Cure Puppy, I share these testimonial photos with you. If you want to order an in-person session with MCP, just call 1-800-MCP-LOVE. Raenie will look at her eat-sleep-chew-poo schedule and see if she can fit you in.


Born: December 11, 2020

Heritage: Father, GCHS CH Creekwood Lochlomun I’Ll Be D’amned, won Best Smooth Collie at the 2020 Westminster Dog Show [click on the blue words for a YouTube video of Damit winning…tune in at 17:50 and watch him with his owner in the light blue skirt) He also won the 2020 National Dog Show in Florida the day after Raenie and her six sibling were born. He’s a hunky guy! (I knew none of his national wins when my local breeder friend—one of the top collie breeders worldwide—asked if I wanted one these pups. What a FUN surprise!)

Mama, Cassidy, (Wild Wind I Think I Love You), a rough collie (longer hair like Maisie) is a local gal and has titles in obedience, rally and herding. With hardly any dog shows last year, Cassidy is also just one point shy of her conformation title. I have always admired Cassidy’s calm, sweet spirit. She was in the beginner puppy class with 6-month-old Ayrabelle.puppies cure