My mom is no longer around to celebrate Mother’s Day, but that never stops me. For some of us, Mother’s Day without a mom is, well, kind of awkward. Half empty. Even if you do still have a living mother, Mother’s Day can be a bit of a letdown.

Some of our mothers have gone on before us and some of us have mothers who because of illness and other factors are not fully present in the mother-daughter relationship.

So what are those of without engaging closeness to our moms supposed to do this coming weekend?

I’m a single gal without children, and my mother died in 2001, but I always find a way to embrace Mother’s Day. May I suggest a few ways to celebrate Mom, mothers, and even your own mothering strengths even if you’ve never given birth? (Keep reading guys, you may pick up some creative tips on how to celebrate the women in your life.)

1. Smile over the best memories. With a few decades under your belt, or maybe more than a few, you most likely have at least a few enjoyable remembrances of your mom or special recollections of raising your own children or pet kids. One of mine is when Mom would make my brothers and Mother's Dayme a yummy animal cake for each of our birthdays. Another is her taking photos and slides of us as a family or making us summertime Jell-O popsicles. And, of course, I loved reading all the books and encyclopedias she bought us. What’s one of your favorite Mom memories? (If you like, share it in the Comments below.)

2. Revel in your own Mom skills. Your kids (grandkids and great-grandkids) and other loved ones depend on your nurturing ways. Whether you’re a new mom, a time-tested mom, or a woman who helps foster the life of others, you deserve a HUGE Mother’s Day applause. Dang, you’re good! Good at juggling the daily routines, good at soothing the tears, good at adding joy to your home. Just ask my collie, Maisie, what I’m good at most days. She especially appreciates the back and hip massages and the playing catch.

3. Let loose and live it up! Every day is a day to realize how valuable you are to our world. Stop and think about how many individuals you pour your life into each week—and not just your immediate family. Don’t forget to include the young grocery checkout gal and the elderly couple up the street. Mother’s Day is your time to soak in the love and lavish on the take-it-easy pampering. This is YOUR day to receive the cards, the hugs, the phone calls, and the nose kisses from the pets.

But, wait, why not kick off celebrating moms on Friday night? Why only observe one day to salute motherhood? I’ll look into changing Mother’s Day to Mother’s Weekend, while you plan all your curbside pickup meals tomorrow night through Sunday night.

We are in this together. Staying safe and spoiled at home. Good-bye awkward, half-empty letdowns. Hello kickin’ it for womanhood and motherhood. Congrats! I may just make you your own special animal cake.