I found myself cursing the chilling air early this morning while walking my dog. Grrrrrrrrr . . . I mumbled, feeling the brisk air assault my exposed face. Sweatshirt, heavier jacket, ear band, mittens—I was layered up against the crisp weather, but not prepared for my complaining attitude.

istock_000017880252medium-683x1024I grumble at the thought of arctic winds, even though I own plenty of winter wear and live in a fully insulated home with a working furnace. What am I thinking? In the ‘80s I spent an entire summer living in mud huts in the Congo without any conveniences. I will be just fine.

I grumble at the last remnant of leaves shivering on my trees and the sea of crumbled orange-brown that I still need to rake, even though I have enjoyed the beauty of shade for seven months. What am I thinking? I can move and get outside on my own and handle basic yard equipment. I will be just fine.

I grumble at the prospect of seasons changing and snow on its way, even though I know winter is a vital part of Nature’s life cycle. What am I thinking? In Colorado snow translates into my tap water and brings tourism money to help support the community services I often take for granted. I will be just fine.

My winter-is-coming pity party broke up hours ago and I’m finished tossing out the crumbled paper plates of my whiny thoughts. The sky is gray and the wind is still whipping outside, but what am I thinking? I can see and hear and pull my velvety soft blanket around me in my office chair and write to you. I will be just fine.