It’s Okay if Company Comes and Everything Is Still In-Process.
The peeling deck. The rapid-grow weeds. The stained carpet. I get how everyday life and home maintenance never seem to catch up to our entertaining ideals. Your family and friends really do just want to see you. (Well, most of them.) If they fuss about the crunchy food in the microwave or pet hair in the guest bathroom, hand them a cleaning rag.

Not Every Old Pair of Jeans Should be Re-birthed as Shorts
Need I say more?

Be Nice to Tourists and Out-of-State Visitors
Out-of-towners may be driving 2 mph cheering on the wildlife or holding up traffic by taking selfies, but be considerate. Visitors to your community eat in your restaurants and fuel up at your gas stations, which helps pay taxes to keep your vehicle from klunking into potholes. So go ahead and hug the next tourist or out-of-area person you see.

Some Drivers Will Always Speed Past You.
Don’t be tempted to accelerate with them. Let the lead-footers get to their destination 2.338 minutes before you, or wave at these speedsters on the side of the road when they are pleading with the not-amused patrolman. Driving to an appointment, the kids’ swim lessons, or your vacation destination is not a NASCAR race.

Sit Outside at Night and Just Do Nothing.
Pull up the lounge chair, nestle in the swing, or plop on the grass. Try it for at least 2.338 minutes or build up to at least 30.338 minutes. Grab a cool beverage and just chill. No dishes to clean up. No laundry. No checking your cellphone. No nothing. Nada. Park it and listen to the cicadas or crickets or city sounds.

If you’re chillin’ and the doorbell rings and it’s early-arriving company or a lost tourist in terrible-looking cutoffs, hand them the cleaning rag and finish out your cool beverage. Ahhhhh . . . hello summer.