If you do an online search for “Mother’s Day gifts,” you’ll find at least 459,000,000 (459 million!) different gift ideas for dear Mom from chocolate-drizzled strawberries and fresh floral arrangements to crossbody bags and spa gift cards.

But instead of sharing the 10 Best Gifts for Mom, I’d like to share the 10 Best Gifts from Mom—the sound advice for living a fun, full life that my mother modeled. Many of these priceless gifts from Bernice were never spoken, but simply lived out in the day-to-day trenches and treasures of her daily life.

gifts from mom

1. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Just wipe up the mess and pour yourself another glass.

2. Bake someone happy. Cookies have a medicinal way of drying tears and restoring smiles.

3. Give generously and without expecting something in return.

4. Laugh, giggle, and chortle like there is no tomorrow because today needs plenty of its own mirth.

5. Get down on a child’s level and play like a free-spirited little person.

6. Skip making friends with gossip, anger, and jealousy.

7. Doodle, draw, and dream all you want. Who cares if no one sees your mini masterpieces or fully understands your daring aspirations?

8. Attend the funerals and don’t worry about what you’ll say. Just being there often says it all.

9. Plant and enjoy plenty of flowers, for they are the Nature’s free fashion show.

10. Talk honestly with God and let Him talk honestly with you. Never fear that His conversations with you are being recorded for training purposes.

What gifts from your mom would you like to celebrate? I’d love to hear about them.