As an author and journalist zigzagging the planet, I have chronicled how thousands of people’s hearts bend instead of rip and crush apart when braving natural disasters, murder, suicide, cancer, AIDS, abuse, divorce, bankruptcy, and unending accounts of loss and suffering. Challenged in my own adversities, I understand the angst of bending until you feel you’ll SNAP. I’ve been there with a tangled, knotted heart, wobbling close to the edge—overloaded with pain, disillusionment, and wanting a way out. Like some of you, I’ve dared to let these words tumble from my lips: “I quit. I can’t do this anymore!” I’ve also railed at the heavens: How could you, God? Why would you, God? What were you thinking?

Yet I’m intrigued by the mystery of muddling through on the messy days and forging remarkable comebacks. Some of us shape our resolve with gutsy drive and determination. Some of us secure ourselves to the moorings of faith. Some of us do both. But what happens to our hearts, the core of our lifeblood, along the way?

It bends.

I’m on a quest to show you and millions of others how.

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