You gotta love how Nature hands us a fresh palette of colors throughout the year (palm trees and aqua ocean waters included). Fall visits to the Colorado high country make me feel like I’m in an outdoor art museum. The aspens shimmer with spectacular splashes of yellow, orange, and still-holding-on green. Fall is now here and winter is on deck. The changing of seasons reminds me of King Solomon’s perspective, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

You understand seasons in your own life. Kids growing. Job soaring. Health flourishing. You also understand seasons in which the people and prosperity of our lives can wobble and wane. I have several friends right now in skirmishes with cancer and chemo. Friends that lost their beloved pets in recent weeks. Another set of friends searching months and months for a job.

The longer I live and the more fall leaves I photograph, the more I understand life’s joys and challenges come in seasons with splurges of brilliant colors and splotches of darker hues. My color commentary for a more resilient life? Learn to embrace whatever colors your today. And here’s something even King Solomon might advise: Keep mindful and expectant that even the wearisome seasons will eventually fade into fresh, rich colors in their own time.