hinge In our world that seems unhinged at times, it is steadying to know that Someone greater than us holds together the millenniums past, present and future. 


“…Jesus is the hinge on which the door of history swings, the point at which eternity intersects with time, the Savior who redeems time by drawing all things to himself.”
—Billy Graham


Every day we are invited to celebrate the Hinge that put aside His royal comforts to be born in a lowly animal stall. The reality of Christmas is Jesus’ intersecting eternity with time because He loves us with an out-of-this-world tenderness.

May each of us rest in the awe and wonder of God drawing us to Himself.

Merry, peaceful Christmas!


Even if you have no care for Jesus whatsoever, He has great care for you.”
—Pastor Josh Lindstrom, Woodmen Valley Chapel, Colorado Springs, December 24, 2021