The heart bends—it does not break.

I have interviewed thousands of people across planet to learn: We all have a breaking point. Do you know yours?

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I’m a career champion of gleaning deeper richness from the people I write about. Gnarled-hand farmers. Celebrated Olympians. Shunned prostitutes. Famed vocalists. As one reader notes, “You dig deep. I love where your own questions take you.”

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President Abraham Lincoln shared this sage perspective: “Life is hard but so very beautiful.” I speak about both.

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“You write beautifully!”

Greg Wilson

deputy managing editor,

“Beth is one of the bravest and most resilient women I know. I have watched her face one challenge, loss, and difficulty after another—and she remains transparent about the pain, holds to her faith, and is still marching. Beth has a lot to say . . . we are listening.”

Dr. Helen McIntosh

psychologist, author, speaker

Beth Lueders



Writing without effort leads to bored readers.
I grew up 60 miles from the nearest mall and learned to explore the world through reading the encyclopedias stored in my bedroom and writing in lock-n-key diaries.


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Full-time writers move beyond the sipping lattes and staring out windows.
My writing awards include investigative reporting on the plight of radiation-poisoned Byelorussian children and at-risk prostitutes in the Philippines.



Relating to people in any audience requires leaving your ego in the parking lot.
I shape my messages with gutsy drive and enough wit to help you chortle, guffaw, and rate me a 10 on comment cards.

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